Over 200 high school students disengage

Over 200 high school students disengage
“My students are in class,” said early in the afternoon Thursday, March 22 Director of the School of International Education of Laval (EEIL), Josée Gaussiran, without further comment. At the same time, they were nevertheless “between 200 and 300” students of this school to take part in the national demonstration against rising tuition at the university, said Andra Florea, a Secondary 5 student, a few minutes later Live demo of downtown Montreal. All these students will face consequences, and this, regardless of whether their parents are motivated or not their absence, she says.

Besides a possible restraint, some would have “zero” to the exam they have missed on Thursday. This is particularly the case of Andhra Florea, who says he “was cast” to his English exam scheduled in the afternoon “without any possibility of recovery.”

Passive event
If they defied the school by absenting himself during their Thursday afternoon to go and demonstrate in Montreal, the second cycle school students from the School of International Education of Laval have still been good players, respecting two directives which had been imposed, the day before.

From: http://ping.fm/W11rl

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