Goodbye Smartphone, Welcome Google Glass

Quoted from Dailymail, Google Glass has all the latest technology. Start GPS, sensors voice commands, e-mail service, telephones, cameras, and video conferencing services. No lag, search engine Google is also embedded in the mini-screen that can be pinned on the front of the user’s eyes.

From the pictures provided by the Google, demonstrated a model that uses glasses with silver frame and a tiny camera and lens display that is used for accessing the Internet. Built-in microphone can be used for voice commands. Although claimed to be still a concept without any clarity can be circulated in the market, the report of the New York Times indicates that the series’ first android based glasses will be sold before the end of the price range of USD 250 to USD 600.

Google Glass Project, Augmented Reality Glasses Sources from within Google not sure when Google Glass will be available commercially, such as written

via Google Glass Project, Augmented Reality Glasses Seo Support

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