Barcelona Vs. Chelsea, 2012 UEFA Champions League Result

With only 10 players, Chelsea Success Beat Barcelona Dramatically Chelsea qualify for the finals with a 3-2 aggregate advantage over Barcelona, after the second leg on Tuesday or Wednesday (4/25/2012) early morning, managed to draw against the host with the score 2-2. In fact, Chelsea had to play with ten men after the 37th minute after a foul on John Terry Alexis Sanchez.

These results are quite stifling for Barcelona. How not, they are in virtual control of the entire control of the ball in this game. They also forced Chelsea survive total in their defense. In fact, even got a penalty kick, Lionel Messi failed to take advantage.

Chelsea dethrone Barcelona to enter final In the game, in fact Lionel Messi immediately give a sense of anxiety to the Chelsea manager, Roberto Di Matteo, with its action in the early matches. Luckily, the ball right leg kick Messi was wide of the target. As I predicted earlier, Chelsea appeared to survive in this game. Almost all the Chelsea players are in their defense. It was difficult to threaten Barcelona goalkeeper Petr Cech.

At the 19th minute, the cooperation between Messi with Cesc Fabregas almost scored fruitful. However, the alertness of Cech made a golden opportunity ended in vain. Likewise, in the 24th minute, when Messi gets the ball in front of goal. The ball shot was blocked by Cech to his feet.

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