Week of Organ Donation: A Cry of Mechanical Heart

Week of organ donation: a cry of mechanical heart As part of the national week of organ donation, the family of 15 year old has invited the media Tuesday at the Montreal Children’s Hospital.

Vincent made his entrance into the auditorium at a snail’s pace, dragging her behind a pounds 46 small truck to which it is permanently connected and allow it to monitor his blood. He walks slowly, but displays a big smile. On the breath of his voice, he says he misses his home, his friends and his dog, Max. “It’s long, but I live with, ’says he in a soft voice.

His father, Alain Lambert, however, is pending diabolical. “It’s really not a life. It’s like in prison, but did nothing.”

“via Week of Organ Donation: A Cry of Mechanical Heart

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