Alex Morgan Being a Hero

Alex Morgan Being a Hero Girls soccer team United States decent striker to thank them, Alex Morgan. The 23-year scored a dramatic 4-3 victory over Canada at the 2012 Summer Olympics semifinal at Old Trafford, Manchester, Tuesday (07/08/2012).

Alex Morgan cross gore substitute, Heather O’Reilley at 123 minutes. Goals are scored 3 minutes before the end of the second half of extra time. Thanks to these goals, the Yanks made it to the final against Japan at Wembley Stadium, London, Thursday (09/08/2012).

Morgan heroic actions also seemed to remind the public land of Uncle Sam in the past year. Morgan scored a crucial goal against Italy and ensure the 2011 World Cup tickets into the hands of the United States. Seattle Sounders players admitted it scored a surprise victory of the Yanks.


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