Samsung, The Galaxy S III off hundreds

The Galaxy S III off hundreds
The end of the year will be difficult for Samsung if the phenomenon had to disperse: the last few weeks, many users of the flagship smartphone manufacturer, the Galaxy S III are prey to blackouts their device.

Galaxy S III suffered one of its largest setback since its release, some users reporting on various forums that the smartphone has become HS without any manipulation or inadvertent shock or installation software.

According to these people, after charging overnight, the smartphone refused to turn, leaving a black screen desperately, no backlight and no sign of activity indicator.

According to some experts is focused on these cases, it seems that the motherboard is directly concerned, the Flash could not bear the load or poorly extended and endommagerais to no longer allow the use or the repair smartphone.

Statistics were quickly put forward, announcing the death of the Galaxy S III programmed between 150 and 200 days after its first use. Without confirming the problem, Samsung does not seem to dwell on the subject and offers a simple replacement devices.

Replacement is rather surprising in itself, puisqu’exceptionnellement, Samsung agrees to exchange, including smartphones Rootes (pirated). From there to see a way for the manufacturer not too keep the matter quiet there in one step.


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