The Voice Dh be, Rather Than Twice

BRUSSELS Finally, it is. Entertainment ertébéen who created the event last year – with the reward a very good position in the Top 100 hearings in 2012 – is back. After much speculation, the TV’s A hook well on the face of the ratings of the old New Star Plug RTL, even for a few Tuesdays. But The Voice 2 has, following the success of its first season, no reason to fear a lack of public. And, despite the departure of two of the four coaches: Lio and both Joshua. After a few tackles committed by the decidedly brown does not count for nothing (and countered by the RTBF), The Voice will happen in 2013 a certain frankness and spontaneity that was annoying.

Viewers do not lose though not necessarily to change: the Quebec Natasha St Pier integrated body of jurors-coaches. The enthusiasm is there. Constructive criticism too. And our little finger tells us that the old sidekick Pascal Obispo you will find is not the type to let steal a talent. Would bet we already win for one of his team? Faced with Natasha, two pros coaching made in The Voice: Quentin Mosimann (Roberto Bellarosa that propelled to the highest step of the podium) and BJ Scott, appreciated both for its long career for his judicious remarks delivered in a Franglais natural.

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