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Koneksi Internet Kartu Tri (3) Yang Membingungkan. Lha koq bisa? Setelah sekian lama (sejak tahun 2012) mengkonsumsi koneksi internet menggunakan kartu Esia Max-D dengan Modem Aha, saya akhirnya bosan juga. Nafsu untuk mendapatkan koneksi yang lebih kencang dan stabilterus menggoda hingga akhirnya saya jatuh cinta pada sebuah koneksi yang dinamakan SSH (Secure Shell). Dan lumayalah, sejak enam bulan terakhir saya mondar mandir dan bersenda gurau di ranah internet dengan santai tanpa beban akan leletnya koneksi. Bagaimana tidak, koneksi yang cepat dan stabil dengan haga begitu terjangkau meskipun saya masih ragu-ragu apakah koneksi ini benar-benar aman atau sebaliknya berbahaya dan melanggar hukum. Entahlah, saya kurang paham. Kalau mau belajar, bisa hubungi Masbrow +Intan Sudibjo, atau langsung saja belajar di blognya beliau. Jujur saja saat ini saya sedang beralih menggunakan paket internet dari provider 3 alias kartu Tri. (lebih…)


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Mobile applications for Gartner, Free remains the norm In 2012, the preference of mobile users for free apps should not deny. If you believe a study of Gartner, free applications will count for 89% of downloads for the full year.

The center of research tells us that there should be 45.6 billion applications downloaded in 2012, divided into 40.1 billion free downloads and paid 5 billion. Of these, Gartner provides refined numbers: applications between 99 cents and $ 2.99 will account for 87.5% of paid downloads. The institute plans even though they represent 96% of paid downloads in 2016.

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Options of an iPod Video | Daily News.
The new iPod telecasting, which is of a convenient shirt or pouch size, has many options and some of them are perfectly surprising. Aside from the common choices of the iPod — music musician, pic spectator, and voice recording equipment — the new iPod TV has several alternatives that may look rotatory for some citizenries or useless for others. These options create an iPod telecasting foremost a television playback device, photograph and music device. E.g., it plays music televisions, yet TV shows or, a noteworthy opening move — ABCs hits like “Lost” and “Desperate Housewives”. Even Pixar short circuits and popular Disney are available for the new iPod video.

The new iPod telecasting is a refined device with refined characteristics for the concerned clients. The new TV characteristics are really well thought out and exposed on a thinner iPod. Besides, the resolve is up to 320×240, fact that may interpret an vantage in an geological era of other hand held television options. Then again, the new iPod TV has better book with no stable or dressing when changed state up to the utmost loudness. You may besides tie in you iPod to the habitation or auto stereoscopic picture without vexing about the quality of the sound.


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Mobile Phone Wallpapers, Give Your Telephone Set Personality | Daily News.

Mobile Phone WallpapersIn the modern social club we live in, cellphone is already a necessary ; no more valid is the notion that this is but a sumptuous toy dog. For tiddlers, nevertheless, mobile phone custom is rattling popular as a dress up contraption. Although, the parents think of it is a necessary communication for them to be able to break their children wherever there are. Although they ne’er forestall this roar some twelvemonths back, manufacturing businesses are fast to torrent the market place with functional and hi tech cellular phones. Diverse good characteristics of cellular phones are not uncommitted in a land line telephony ; this is what can create cellular phones outpace land line telephone. For those who desire to dress up their cellular phones, you may as well find out mobile phone utilitarian. Makers and computer experts stick in the theory of giving your telephone personality by putting in cellphone wallpapers. If you desire cellular telephone wallpapers, getting one from the net is rattling easy. You may too transfer pictures as cellphone wallpaper from Mobile phone to another cellphone. Still the photographs shot from your ain cellular telephone can be your mobile phone wallpaper.

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