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Oily Skin Tips for Overcoming with Traditional Way

Oily Skin Tips for Overcoming Traditional Way – Having oily skin that tends to do will make us a bit annoyed, especially with an oily face will make us a less attractive appearance, other than a shiny face, dust / dirt that is often stuck to the skin pores and can cause acne to appear. There have been many types / brands of cosmetics that can reduce excess oil, such as facial foam anti-oil and cream also sun block which can reduce levels of excess oil.

Factors causing oily skin:
1. Surely poor diet would be a cause of increased oil content, too much fat in the body that can come from eating foods that sweet and high fat.
2. Hormonal factors could be one also why the skin becomes oily, hormonal imbalance or at the time of puberty could be a trigger.
3. Selection of an inappropriate type of cosmetics can be the oil levels in the face to be increased.
4. Hereditary factors can be said to also be a factor for oily skin, usually the parents who have oily skin problems, will also bequeathed to his son.
5. The effect of drugs such as medication for family planning can lead to oily skin.