Montana Fishburne Playboy Test – The Power of Seo

In her quest to become a star of all things XXX a logical step for Montana Fishburne is Playboy and yes her test photos have been leaked. I will give the girl this she sure is dedicated to furthering her career. Learn more about the pictures and where you can see them, plus check out a video of Ms. Fishburne.

TMZ is reporting that Montana Fishburne had a Playboy test and they have the photos to prove it. They further state that the nude pictures for her to get a spot in the girlie magazine were taken before her now famed sex tape was leaked and that Laurence daughter goes full frontal in the pics.

I know curiosity is getting the best of you so if you want to see some censored pictures from the shoot you can see them here. The uncensored version has yet to leaked but I am sure those will be coming any day now. It sure does seem like Montana is doing everything in her power to be like a certain Kardashian that she admires. I wonder how Kim feels about that?

She may have tested for the girlie magazine but it doesn’t seem that she will be appearing in the magazine anytime soon. However we all know that could change at any moment especially with all the attention she is getting for not having her clothes on.

Montana Fishburne Playboy test photos aren’t the only news surrounding Fishburne. There are numerous reports that her father is helping her financially with her legal troubles. The 19 year old is facing battery charges for allegedly attacking her boyfriends ex in February. According to Toronto Sun Montana contacted her father last week for help. I find that interesting since she was so disrespectful to him in the headline that appeared alongside her nude cover of AS IS magazine.


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