Could There are Two Moons on August 27 | Seo Support

Could There are Two Moons on August 27? – Something was different tonight. In addition to the emergence of a full moon, just a day after the full moon yesterday, the night sky was also adorned with several weeks of planets that were very bright, like Jupiter and Venus. The two brightest planets are considered among the planets and stars in the sky to accompany the bright moon appeared alternately. Is two months on 27th August is just a rumor?

The phenomenon is worthy nicknamed “moon twins” although of course the full moon is much brighter than the planets. If by chance the sky is clear and not covered with thick clouds, not long after the sun set over the western horizon, the night sky turned bright full moon decorated on the east. In the west, Venus is so bright light showed up dubbed the Morning star.

Venus did not appear long because he was only there about 90 minutes before sinking. However, shortly later, from the western horizon Planet Jupiter rises about 20:45 pm when the distance is only about 6 degrees below the full moon.

The average distance of Jupiter and the Moon is only 10 degrees so that it looks only about half a fist hand. Both will be moving westward and harmony can be seen throughout the night until dawn at around 3:00, Friday (08/27/2010).

Tonight, Jupiter is the largest planet in our solar system appear brighter indeed. When this happens to the planet is currently in a position perihelion, the distance closest to the sun, so it looks bigger than Earth.


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