Barcelona vs Espanyol Match Result

Barcelona vs Espanyol Match Result – Midfielder Cesc Fabregas who scored a winning 1-0 over Espanyol Barcelona, until the end of the first round of League BBVA, in Cornella-El Prat, Sunday (01/08/2012). Espanyol first got the opportunity through Joan Verdu in the fifth minute. After his header countered Victor Valdes, he managed to reach the ball and fired it back. However, Gerard Pique managed to throw the ball.

In the 13th minute, goalkeeper Cristian Alvarez. release Lionel Messi cut bait. The ball was then sent to Cesc Fabregas, who managed to cram the ball into the opponent’s goal. However, the goal was disallowed because the referee to judge Messi handball, before sending feedback to Fabregas. Two minutes later, Fabregas really managed to bring Barcelona winning. From the middle of the penalty box, he posts the ball Dani Alves entered the bottom right corner of the host’s goal.


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