The Blackberry Dethroned

For the first time ever, the BlackBerry from the Canadian firm Research In Motion (RIM) is no longer the best selling smartphone in the country. It has just been dethroned by the Apple iPhone.

The BlackBerry Dethroned
Data compiled by IDC shows that Apple is on the rise among holders of Canadian cellular phones. Apple has elapsed 2.85 million units of its iPhone in Canada last year, compared with 2.1 million units for RIM.

In 2010, RIM had yet sold 500 000 phones BlackBerry that Apple and its iPhone. In 2008, for each sale of a phone iPhone in Canada, RIM had sold five of his side to consumers. In the last quarter, Canadian sales of RIM dropped 23%, while those registered in the U.S. tumbled 45%.

It must be said that since last year, Research In Motion has not launched any new model of its popular BlackBerry, while leaving room for Apple and its iPhone 4S model marketed with great fanfare a few weeks after the death of his co-founder Steve Jobs.

RIM was also launched in January its new BlackBerry model 10 on QNX operating system, but the company of Waterloo decided to postpone everything to the end of 2012.


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